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Panel / Service Upgrade 

1. Fuse Panels

The biggest problem with fuse panels is the relentless use of fuses that are too big.  If a fuse keeps blowing, you need to pay attention. It is a red flag that there is a real problem. Either there is something faulty on the line and that fuse is protecting you from it, or there is too heavy of a load for the wiring and the fuse is letting you know you are past your electrical limit for that wire. If the load on that wire is too much the fuse is supposed to blow and shut off the power to that wire. If it does not blow, (because someone has screwed in an oversized fuse) the wire overheats and puts the home at risk of a fire. Also, note that certain insurance companies may refuse coverage if your home is equipped with one of these panels.

2. Panel Upgrade

If there's a renovation that you are doing there could be a need for a panel upgrade as the current one could be insufficient, for example in today's age there is more and more electric cars and the charges for them require additional amperage, for example, Tesla requires between 30 and 50 amps that's almost half of a load of a 100 Amp panel, or maybe the basement is getting finished and it's being set up as a rental property that requires additional electrical work, for example, a kitchen, laundry room, new bathroom, new living area, etc.…Residential services can range from 100 amps to 400 amps depending on the size of the house and the owner needs.
Panel / Service Upgrade
Panel Service Upgrade
CBK Electric Panel Service
CBK Electric Panel Service Upgrade
CBK Electric Panel Upgrade